Coffey Healthcare Ltd presents a Gracie Gynaecological chair at our new Showroom

Coffey Healthcare Ltd presents many different products at our new Showroom.  Gracie Gynaecological chair was one of the products that has a significant value.

GRACIE is modern and friendly environment for the doctor and the patient. Complex Gynaecological chair for your office. Complexity of a GRACIE includes five main features :

  • FULL HD video colposcope
  • FULL HD monitor
  • Wireless transfer of photos
  • Reduction of space
  • Instrument trolley

Above all, GRACIE chair was made for your comfort and better accessibility.

In addition, for a better visual picture our colleague had volunteered to make a short video about GRACIE chair. Please check at our YouTube channel. We have our demonstration models in place that you can see in our new Showrooms. Also take a look at to see more information.