Attends For Men Shield Level 2 16's


  • Attends for Men Incontinence products protect against the loss of a few drops of urine after the main stream, when the bladder appears to be empty
  • Anatomically shaped drip shield available in two absorption degrees
  • A “tighter” core, named ‘airlaid’, offers a product that is slim but highly absorbent
  • Odour Protection technology minimizes the risk of unpleasant odours developing
  • Attends for men has a cottonlike material on the backsheet, giving the feeling of a natural addition to underwear
  • Adhesive strips keep the product in place
  • Length 190cm, Thickness 2.6mm, Weight 10g
  • Absorption 170g
  • Comparable to Tena For Men Level 2 PK 10
  • Excellent option for post-surgery
  • Super absorbent polymer locks fluids in the core and helps prevent odour.
  • Recommended for Very Light Male Bladder Weakness
  • Slim, anatomically shaped shield for after dribble or light drops from the bladder.
  • Incredibly thin and discrete pad that can be worn with your own underwear.
  • Soft cotton-like material which feels comfortable against your skin
  • Odour Protection takes care of unpleasant odours

Attends For Men Level 1 is a very slim, anatomically shaped shield designed specifically for men suffering from light bladder weakness to absorb “after dribble” or small drops of urine that usually come after visiting the toilet. Attends for Men Level 1 is very thin but incredibly dry. The pad has fixation tape which means it can be worn with your own undearwear with soft cloth like material that feels soft and dry against your skin. The comfortable fit enables you to concentrate on anything but small incidents of leakage. The attends continence care is a box of 4 packs of 16