Deko 190 ward washer-disinfector is designed for use mainly in hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes and health care centres. It is a micro-processor controlled washing and thermal disinfection machine used for a wide range of articles e.g. bedpans, urine bottles, portable sanitary pans, suction bottles, hand wash basins, bowls, gallipots, supports for single-use bedpans, flower vases and other similar re-usable items.

Deko 190’s cleaning and thermal disinfection efficiency have been stringently tested and approved internationally. Thanks to its unique, patented fresh water circulation washing principle, the mechanical washing efficiency is outstanding with the minimum usage of water and energy. Disinfection is carried out by steam, integrally generated in an unpressurized boiler. Attainment of the set disinfection temperature is monitored by an independent sensor.

Deko 190’s internal water and steam process entirely prevents unpleasant odours and bacterial growth inside the machine. All internal surfaces are washed and the water tank, piping, outlet, chamber and articles being processed are disinfected in each cycle.

Deko 190 is constructed to withstand continuous use, taking into account the demanding requirements for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Its versatility makes the usage economical and efficient. It is constructed of stainless steel and all components used have gone through the most stringent trials and quality control.

Deko 190’s micro-processor offers the choice of five different programmes, which can be easily suited to special washing and disinfection requirements. Temperatures, selected cycles, disinfection phase and malfunction are digitally displayed.

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