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Dopplex Reporting Software packages combined with the DMX and ABIlity, allow for quick and easy archival of studies for review and printing.

Dopplex® DR4 Patient Record Software

Electronic Patient Record Software

Dopplex DR4 is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex ABility.

It enables automated ABIs to be undertaken and saved in a patient database. It also provides full page documented hard-copy printouts and pdf file capability for interfacing to Electronic Patient Record Systems. It is easily installed and does not require any modification to your computer.

Applications available in version 4.1 include:

  • Automatic ABI Studies with PVR Waveforms
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • USB cable is included for Ability
Dopplex Ability Brochure
Vascular Dopplex Brochure

Dopplex® DR5 Patient Record Software

Vascular Reporter Package

Dopplex DR5 is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex DMX, ATP and ABI kits.

It allows real time visualisation of waveforms on a PC and stored for reviewing, archiving and printing. Traces can also be transferred from the DMX memory card. DR5 is typically installed as a standalone desktop application although it can be configured to share the database with other DR5 installations. It can also be configured to work with an existing SQL database as part of a ‘hub and spoke’ network making it ideal for hospitals, clinics and GP practices. DR5 runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Applications available in DR5 include:

  • Upper and lower limb arterial pressure and flow studies
  • Lower limb venous studies
  • Extra-cranial blood flow studies
  • Penile pressure and flow studies
  • Podiatry and chiropody studies
  • Pre/post-operative studies
  • Surgical studies
  • Doppler waveform parameters
  • Toe pressure studies
  • Digit waveforms

Integrated PDF Generator

  • Final reports can be saved as a PDF file and transferred to external EPR systems.
  • Mixed modality profiles can be printed on a single report. e.g. arterial, venous and PPG.