Huntleigh High Sensitivity Probes XS - Application Sites

The new range of High Sensitivity XS probes have been designed to maximize performance of the Doppler’s for use in a wide variety of clinical applications and procedures. These include the 4, 5, 8, and 10MHz options and the unique wide-beam EZ8 8MHz probe. Also for intraoperative use the pre-sterilised 8Mhz single use intraoperative probe.

VP4 XS High Sensitivity 4MHz Probe

4MHz probe for detection of deep lying vessels.

VP5 XS High Sensitivity 5MHz Probe

For oedementous limbs and deep lying vessels. Ideal adjunct to EZ8 for ABPI measurements.

VP8 XS High Sensitivity 8MHz Probe

8MHz probe for detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries.


VP10 XS High Sensitivity 10MHz Probe

10MHz probe for detection of smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications.

EZ8 HS High Sensitivity 8MHz Widebeam Probe

Wide beam 8MHz probe allows for easy location of vessels, and easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.