We at Coffey Healthcare Ltd are celebrating 25 Years in business!

We at Coffey Healthcare Ltd have just had our Kick Off 2023 Meeting with all our Team at the Grand Hotel in Malahide.

This has been the first time in 3 years that we have been able hold such an event due to the Pandemic.

An Annual Kick Off is a Fantastic way to start every New Year for any Company and we invited all of our colleagues to a lunch at the restaurant at the Grand Hotel followed by presentations in the superb Graham Bell Conference Theatre.

This year is quite special for us as we at Coffey Healthcare Ltd are celebrating 25 Years in business.

We will have a number of significant events during Q1 of 2023 to mark this celebration starting with our Kick Off at the Grand Hotel.

Today we have changed all of our logo’s across all of our social media outlets to represent this marking of time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Customers , Suppliers and Colleagues ( Past and Present ) for all of your Support & Trust over the past 25 Years.

Here’s to a great start to 2023 and to many more years serving the Irish Healthcare Community.

For more information on our company please visit www.coffeyhealthcare.ie

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