Another Great Challenging Installation

Well done to the Coffey Healthcare Ltd Team with another great challenging installation at the Department of Nursing and Midwifery UL University of Limerick.

The Team were faced with a huge challenge with the installation of 15 LINET Group SE Eleganza 1 Hospital Beds to the upper floors at this location and removal of the old beds without the use of a lift. Darren , Eddie , Michael and Ger outstanding work and another satisfied customer thanks to your resourceful and versatile work at this location.

A Special Thank you to Mairéad Hussey and Bernadette Hickey for trusting Coffey Healthcare with this challenging project and for awarding us with this business.

The LINET Group SE Eleganza 1 Bed ICU Bed is our Number One selling bed in Ireland and is one of the top selling Hospital Beds in the World.

A fully adjustable electric bed. The Eleganza 1 hospital bed is designed for standard hospital wards and long term care units. The bed has a simple construction with a wide range of above-standard features and sophisticated functions delivered at low cost, thus providing customers with great value for money.


The bed accommodates hospitalised overweight or taller patients. — Robust construction. — Safe working load 180–250 kg. — Mattress platform width 90 cm. — Possible bed extension by 15 cm. — Split plastic siderails with soft drop function.


Several clear and easy to use controls are immediately at the patient’s disposal. Handset to control the bed positions can also come with a back lit keyboard. Satellite control panel comes on a flexible arm and is easy to access, the buttons are embossed for vision impaired patients. Controls in the siderails are easy to use and always to hand.


The bed can be equipped with soft drop function of split plastic siderails. The safety of the split plastic siderails is guaranteed by a system of two independent unlocking movements. — The single ¾ siderail controls are located ergonomically for the first time at the top of the siderail. — The siderails are lowered using the soft drop function which applies a gas spring to soften the effect of the siderail´s movement.

Should you wish to see more about this bed please visit and if you would like to trial or demonstrate this at our Dublin Showroom contact Paul O’Riordan .

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