Cloud 9 Rise Recliner – 1 Motor – 19 Stone

Product description

A timeless classic offering cosy comfort and a fresh modern twist on a traditional style wing back chair. Our back cushion is fibrefilled and designed for stable support and ultimate comfort. cloud9 features the accentu8 no-button effect for aesthetic appeal and easy clean, together with our top stitch detail for a beautiful tailored finish.

  • Scroll arms easy to grip to assist getting in, up and out of chair
  • Soft-support stability comfort
  • Single removable/replaceable back cushion
  • Removable duvet seat pad for cleaning or updating
  • A unique ‘swift-fit’ easy chair assembly and disassembly
  • Clean-lined zipped back cover with easy access to motor
  • Integrated pressure relief seat pad options
  • standard castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Accessories – lumber cushions, 10 day battery backup, USB port


SH – 457
SD – 510