DEKO D25ix Washer Disinfector

The Deko D25 Washer Disinfector is perfect for use within dental practices. Dental washer disinfectors have become more and more popular, as they remove the time-consuming need for manual washing of reusable dental instruments and equipment, with much better results. The Deko D25 is a compact, yet has a powerful circulation pump that delivers the cleaning performance of larger models.

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The Deko 25ix Dental Washer Disinfector has been designed to bring reliability, outstanding cleaning and disinfection performance and quality into one compact and economic washer-disinfector.
The Deko 25ix can be situated on a dedicated DEKO stand accessory or a cabinet, as wells as, be positioned undercounter. The DEKO 25ix meets the performance and design requirements stated in EN ISO 15883 parts 1 & 2, as well as the safety requirements stated in IEC 61010-2-040.

Utilising the power of the 260 litres per minute circulation pump, process and cleaning results are guaranteed throughout the wash chamber. The capacity also allows for the insertion of additional
wash racks to facilitate the washing of cannulated instruments, dental handpieces, hoses, glassware and rigid scopes.

The Deko 25ix Dental Washer Disinfector comes as standard with pre-set programs installed and protected, however additional tailored programs can be added to meet any process requirements such as dental or laboratory use.

The washing spray patterns are delivered through two rotating spray arms or utilising jet rack connectors and guarantee water contact with all surfaces and crevices of instruments with the most intricate design.


Logic controlled
The DEKO 25ix Dental Washer Disinfector presents the latest technology in user interface applications in washer-disinfectors. Information & control panel provides the means to view cycle information real time and view the remaining cycle time. Also included is an automatic cycle counter and the intelligent software provides advice on service actions.

Ease of use
The DEKO 25ix’s door opens & closes smoothly and is locked securely throughout the cycle by the automatic locking system. The clear text on the display and the cycle complete indicator will inform the operator when the cycle has been completed. The in-built condenser prevents the escape of excessive steam and minimises the moisture within the chamber at the end of the cycle.

The advanced electronic control system can provide practically an unlimited number of tailored cycles with the 3 most used cycles available at a touch of a button and additional ones by scrolling. Process parameters are protected by security codes. The machine is facilitated by a 3 level access code to prevent unauthorised use of the machine.

Protection to thermo-labile medical devices is provided by a double overheat protection. To achieve the outstanding, consistent cleaning efficiency the washer disinfector monitors the detergent volume very closely as well as preventing the washer to start if there is insufficient detergent volume to complete the cycle.


  • Powerful circulation water pump, output 260 L/min
  • Framework, panels and wash chamber all made of stainless steel
  • Interlocking door
  • Fully automatic PLC control including back-up batteries for full memory protection
  • 3+1 cycle selection buttons
  • Phase indication as text
  • Remaining cycle time indication
  • Cycle complete indication as text, a green led and an audible indicator
  • Fault indication
  • Multi-level access code system. Special codes for: user, maintenance, authorised person
  • Practically unlimited number of pre-set cycle library
  • Customised cycle files available
  • Access to regulation of critical process parameter values with authorised person entry code only
  • Cycle in progress: yellow led
  • Cycle complete: green led
  • Fault indication: red led
  • Special service and maintenance control system
  • Malfunction identification
  • Adjustment of controls
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • Manual override step by step
  • Component test mode
  • Fault listing
  • Updates by a PC
  • 1 sliding wash wire basket (+1optional)
  • Automatically connecting / closing wash arm and rack connectors
  • 2 rotating wash arms (+1optional) with removable caps facilitating easy cleaning of the inner
    surfaces of the wash arm. No tools required for removing the wash arms
  • Detergent flow control
  • Adjustable automatic detergent dosing
  • Indication for insufficient volume of detergent to complete cycle
  • Boss entry port for test temperature sensor leads
  • Load temperature protection and  overtemperature cut-outs
  • Automatic foam and washing water pressure control system
  • Opaque cold and hot water connection hoses ½“ BSP
  • Drain outlet hose diameter 20mm
  • Sound and heat insulated
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Back syphon Type A air gap protection


Outer dimensions, mm:
Width 460
Depth 580
Height 845

Weight kg 60

Gross wash chamber volume L 40

Inner dimensions mm:
Chamber height 390
Chamber width 265
Chamber depth 390


  • Upper basket incl. wash arm
  • Max 1 extra detergent pump
  • Max 1 extra adjustable rinse aid pump
  • Solenoid valve for connection to purified water supply
  • Cabinet for process chemical containers or a stand