Evacuation Sheet

The Evacuation Sheet is been designed to remain underneath the mattress, ready for rapid evacuation of patients or residents. In an emergency, it wraps around the patient, cocooning them within the mattress, to form a protective sledge. Drag loops at head and foot are used to rapidly tow the patient from the building.

Instructions for Use

Capacity: Maximum patient weight 400kg.

In normal use your Evacuation Sheet does not require any maintenance. Periodic inspection is recommended periodically as accidental damage may have occurred. Attention should be given to stitching, webbing and fabric condition as degradation is possible over an extended period.

There are two alternative securing methods available to retain the evacuation sheet under the mattress 1. Velcro straps that secure the sheet to the bed frame. 2. Elastic straps that loop around each end of the mattress. In the event of soiling the evacuation sheet can easily be removed for laundering.

Product has been FR tested (pass) to EN12952.


Laundering: Follow standard hospital laundry guidelines HSG (95)18. The use of bleaching agents should be avoided. Maximum recommended washing temperature 90° C. Drip dry, (if necessary a low temperature tumble dry may be used).

Latex free


STYLE CS653-0001
DESCRIPTION Evacuation Sheet
SIZE 185 x 85 cm