Huntleigh LifePulse 110 R Wave Synchronisation Monitor

The LifePulse 110R is a mains and battery operated Cardiac Trigger Monitor which provides clinicians with a synchronised output designed specifically for R Wave Synchronisation applications.

The system detects the peak of the patients R Wave and generates an accurate synchronisation signal which is suitable for CT applications.

With a smart multi-lingual user interface, the system can be used in almost any geographical region. Patient status and waveform complex are shown on the bright high resolution flat panel display. Controls and adjustments are affected through a simple flat menu structure which utilises Dynamic Touch Screen Control (DTSC).

Unique features include:

  • On-screen Trigger Mark reassures the clinical team of Accurate Trigger Detection.
  • User Selectable Display – single or dual trace display keeps track of patient status.
  • User Selectable Min/Max Counter provides the user with a visual record of the Patients Heart Rate Variability throughout the procedure.
  • A Waveform Freeze Facility enables users to investigate Abnormal ECG Complex On-screen.
  • Adjustable Gain Control Maximises the On-screen Complex making it easier to visualise changes in Rate, Rhythm and Complex.
  • Integrated Simulator with Pre-loaded Waveforms provide a Closed Loop Feedback System to allow engineers to Verify System Integrity.
  • Wide Range of User Selectable Set-up Options include Single or Dual Trace Display, On-screen Indication of Trigger Mark, Lead Select and HR Variability Counter.

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