MRSA Resistant Connected Bed Rail Protectors

Full length bed rail protectors designed for use on profiling beds with rails that drop down. Bumpers are connected with a mesh base that sits under the mattress. This helps secure the bumpers in place and forms a safety net to help prevent entrapment between the mattress and the bottom of the side rails/bumpers. The split mesh base ensures these bumpers are ideal for use with profiling beds, and if required can be fitted under the base of the bed.

Flame Retardant to British Standard BS 7177.

Cleaning: Wipe Clean only. Wipe down with a mild detergent or a sterilising fluid. Do not use bleach or biological cleaners.

Fitting Instructions
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STYLE 143/​W/​PU
DESCRIPTION Two bar bed rail protectors with connecting mesh sheet
FABRIC CONTENT PVC with foam filling
SIZE 87 x 198cm