Aster Manual Recliner

Product description

The multi-function Aster Recliner is the perfect bedside chair for patients and visitors. Initially developed for visitors, it is an inviting and comfortable place to relax and sleep, should you be staying with relatives or loved ones for long periods of time.

There is a pocket on the side of the chair to store valuables, such as mobile phones, and a deeper pocket on the back of the chair to put a blanket. Both pockets have an interior mesh to assist with cleaning & infection control.

A modern, sleek design with clean lines, the Aster also assists with sit to stand position and allows easy access to fit hoist slings.
Fitted with solid braked castors, the Aster has easy manoeuvrability when empty and is sturdy and secure when stationary.

The chair is designed to be easy to clean.


W – 700
H – 1090
D – 800