Renray Elite chair with pressure reducing cushion

Product description

The Elite™ range has been designed using anthropometric data which highlights 13 critical dimensions to achieve a good sitting posture. These 13 dimensions are included in each of the 5 chair sizes that make up the Elite™ range. Sitting in the correct sized chair ensures the patient’s comfort and wellbeing.

Also part of Renray’s new Vision Colourful Ward Furniture collection. The E600 provides patient seating for the Refreshing Raspberry range, adding a bold pop of colour to your ward area and creating a fun vibrant space for patients and visitors.

Visco elastic cushion comes as standard.

Housekeeping wheels allow the chair to be moved easily (when chair is empty).

Sacral gap allows easy access to fit hoist slings.

Easy grip arms with rounded ends and a stable base to push up from.

Splayed legs ensure greater stability.

SWL 127kg (20 stone).


SH – 482
SW – 502
SD – 457