Renray Noodles Washable Comfort Cushion

Product description

The Noodles Technology comfort cushion is a revolutionary fully cleanable and recyclable cushion, suitable for chairs and wheelchairs.

The cushion core is made of a polymer that can wbe washed and left to dry, whilst machine washing the cover. Able to be continually washed.

Benefits of the “Noodle Technology” cushion include;

•     Fully Cleanable 

Improving infection control issues

•     Improved Micro-Climate 

Reduces Micro-Climate humidity by 54% and temperature by 17% due to open Noodles structure

•     Recyclable 

Improving Carbon Footprint

•     Enhanced Patient Comfort 

Superb support helping to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers

•     Cost Effective Solution 

Longer life product meaning reduced replacement costs

SWL 120kg


W – 430
H – 430
D – 75