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A unified system with interchangeable modules

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The full supply flow from warehouse to point-of-use involves excessive loading, re-loading, storing and picking of supplies. ScanModul® offers a vast storage & transport portfolio that optimizes this flow.
By having one unified system with interchangeable modules you gain a much smoother flow, as supplies stay organized throughout the process. You will also benefit from flexibility, as all modules fit into all units. This makes it easy to adapt to new conditions and reduce supply movement time, as you can do it module by module instead of item by item from shelf to shelf. Single, double or triple width. Small lightweight distribution trolleys or bigger transportation trolleys. Open or closed. Steel or aluminium. Vertical handles, swivel wheels, wheels with brakes, wheel bumpers and coupling-hooks. No matter which trolley you choose, it is well thought-out with ergonomically designed details that make transportation effortless.
Our first ScanModul® trolleys were delivered over 30 years ago and many of these products are still in use today. In our ongoing product development, we emphasize that our future solutions should always fit the existing system.

Easy Distribution

Lightweight and simple distribution trolleys allow easy access to the modules and a clear overview of the contents.


Various transport trolleys for every purpose: open, closed, modules & shelves.

Open steel

Our many different lightweight distribution trolleys and the wide range of accessories make it easy to configure a trolley specialized to fulfill the specific need in a department. The trolleys are made of powder-coated square metal tubing and designed to allow easy access to modules and a good overview of the content. In order to avoid bumping your legs, some of our trolleys are available with high ground clearance.


  • 4 swivel wheels
  • Made of 20 x 20 mm powder coated metal profiles with good corrosion protection
  • VARIO™ support rails fully compatible with our modular system
  • Optional mounts for VARIO™ relief wheels
  • Available in different colours. Standard colour is light grey