Shutty Waste Collectors and Coupled Shutty

 The Shutty is suitable for the airtight collection of waste. The waste collector opens and closes thanks to the pedal control, partially covered with plastic. 

Product sheet

When opening the Shutty, the car locks automatically and can no longer roll away. 

The airtight sealing ring has a clamp for waste bags of 575 x 1000 mm (measured flat) with a capacity of 70 litres. 

The coupled combination collectors are designed for collecting dirty linen and waste. They combine the collector and the Shutty. 

Product characteristics

Airtight sealing ring

The rubber sealing ring ensures that the waste bag always remains airtight. Thanks to the pedal mechanism, the ring can be opened easily and hygienically.

Extra clamp

The Shutty is equipped with an extra plastic clamp, so that waste bags are kept in place during transfers.

Stainless steel design

The frame is made of stainless steel so that the Shutty can be completely cleaned.