Ultrasorbs Drypads – Managing Excess Moisture

Ultrasorbs Drypads help to prevent moisture-associated skin damage by absorbing bodily fluids such as blood or incontinence.

They are particularly effective when used with delivery beds and help to keep the patient’s skin dry and the bed area clean.

The dry pad contains a super-absorbent polymer that locks away wetness.

This leaves it dry to the touch and comfortable against the patient’s skin.


Key features:
  • The super absorbent core draws in moisture to keep the skin dry
  • The pad feels dry to the touch within minutes and feels comfortable
  • It maintains core integrity to reduce shear and friction forces
  • The ultra-soft, non-woven top sheet gives greater patient comfort
  • The micropore film protects against leakage meaning fewer linen changes
  • Its 1 litre absorption capacity means no need for multiple pad changes


A study conducted in the United Kingdom and Germany showed that the Ultrasorbs Drypads was an effective solution for managing moisture.

At the outset, the facilities were using absorbent hospital gauze, towels, and incontinence pads to manage excess moisture.  This lead to multiple bed linen changes, additional cleaning tasks, and patient discomfort.

In all cases, the patients commented on the dry pad’s soft feeling on the skin, while the clinicians reported that the Ultrasorbs contributed to a significant reduction in bed linen changes.