DEKO 190X2 / DEKO 190GT Bedpan Washers

Empties, cleans and thermally disinfects by steam a variety
of reusable ward utensils.

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Unique washing efficacy

Fresh-water recirculation principle similar to instrument washer-disinfectors provides superior cleaning and disinfection results. Thanks to high water pressure combined with minimum usage of water and energy, an outstanding mechanical washing efficiency is reached on economic consumption values. Thermal disinfection is executed according to EN ISO 15883 A0=600 requirement and carried out by steam, integrally generated in an unpressurized steam generator. All internal surfaces are washed and in addition to the utensils being processed, the water tank, piping, outlet and chamber are disinfected in each cycle.

Intended use

The DEKO 190 Washer Disinfector empties, cleans and thermally disinfects by steam a variety of reusable ward utensils, such as;

  • Portable sanitary pans
  • Urine bottles and kidney dishes
  • Suction bottles, measuring jugs and various hollowware
  • Hospital bowls (patient wash bowls)
  • Raised toilet seats and toilet brushes / holders
  • Products alike the above and used for similar purposes within patient care

DEKO 190 X2

  • Independent tamper-proof process recorder
  • 7” display
  • Network connectivity
  • Remote access
  • Panel printer
  • Automatic non-touch door


  • Independent tamper-proof process verification
  • 3,7” display
  • Standalone

Technical info 

Model  X2  GT
Material  Stainless EN 1.4301 steel
User interface / Display
7″ colour Touch-Screen 
3,7″ 5-colour greyscale touch-screen  –  X
Door functioning
Manual  X
Automatic Non-Touch, optical sensor 
Opening angle, 120⁰  X
Washing mechanics
3 rotating + 7 fixed wash jets  X
Water recirculation pump, power kW / output l /min  1.6 / 600
Width (mm)  600
Depth (mm)  630
Height (mm)* 1460 (standard) / 1610 (high leg)
Usable chamber volume, l  72
Wash chamber dimensions, mm (gross)  W 480 x D 360 x H 640
Loading height, mm*  740 / 890
Weight, kg  130
Floor loading, kN/cm 0.04
Adjustable feet for levelling ±10 mm  X
Utility connections and consumption
Back syphon protection *  Backflow prevention valve / Open air gap
Cold water (max 15⁰C) inlet hose, G1/2” female thread, length 2 m  X
Warm water (max 65⁰C) inlet hose, G1/2” female thread, length 2 m  X
Min – max water pressure, bar  1–8
Water volume per cycle phase, I 

• cold water flush 

• mixed (cold and warm 50/50) water flush 

• wash with detergent 

• warm water rinse 

• thermal disinfection (water quantity to generate steam) 

• total


Floor drain outlet ø 110 mm  X
Wall drain ø 110 mm  O
Vapour condenser  X
Steam supply pressure (only steam heated versions), R1/2” male thread, length 1,2 m, bar  1–3
Condense pressure (only steam heated versions), R1/2” male thread, length 1,2 m, bar  1–3
Required property ventilation (exhaust air) capacity, l/s  30
Power and electric features
Total maximum heat transmission (W/m2 100
Maximum fascia heat transmission (W)  60
Mean sound power level (A), dB  65
Heating power (kW) *  6,6 / 7,5
Automatic detergent dosing system
Suction tube *  Adjustable / Telescopic
Integrated detergent container housing  X
Detergent container housing lockable door  O
Adjustable detergent pump  X
Detergent low level indication  X
Descale dosage pump  O
Detergent flow verification 


Model  X2  GT
Process control
Load temperature protection and over temperature cut-outs  X
Pressure control for foam and washing water  X
Cycle complete indication with mutable buzzer  X
Boss entry port for test temperature sensor leads  X
Independent tamper-proof process verification  –  X
Independent tamper-proof process recorder 
Panel printer 
Network connectivity (Ethernet) 
Remote access 
Emergency stop switch  O
Standard compliance
EN ISO 15883  EN ISO 15883-1, -3
IEC 61010-1  X
IEC 61010-2-040  X
IEC 61326-1  X
CE 0537  X


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