Our state-of-the-art, market leading, Decontamination Service is designed to meet the highest of standards when it comes to decontamination of all medical equipment.

Based on a Colour Coded barrier system, our decontamination washer has been constructed so that equipment to be decontaminated is inserted into the decontamination washer in a Separate Colour Room and is then put through our equipment to emerge on another Colour which is a completely sealed off clean room  to protect against contamination.

Our staff, in special clean area gowns, extract decontaminated equipment from our decontamination washer and then prepare items for testing and packing before being returned to clients.

Items for decontamination can be dropped to Coffey Healthcare or alternatively, we can arrange a collection and return service if required. We also decontaminate all our medical equipment that is available to rent.

We also supply clients with temporary replacement products as and if required.