Belintra Medicart Drawers Standard

The new generation of Medicart Drawers Standard is assembled according to a new concept. In total, the medication cart has 13 positions (13P). This results in a standard height of the worktop of approximately 105 cm, which is ergonomically recommended. 

Product sheet

The cart can be completely tailored to your needs, thanks to the combination of different drawer heights and the selection of accessories. 

Product characteristics

Range of colours

You can personalize your Medicarts by selecting the colour of the drawers (can be a mix of colours).

Grey / Mamba green / Atoll blue / Red


The 13 drawer positions can be filled according to your own needs with drawers for baskets 50, 100 and 200 mm high, an extendable worktop in the upper position and for the Standard version medication bins on trays.


The runners are equipped with a soft-closing system. The drawer slows down as it closes and is then slowly pulled shut.

The runners are enclosed in the drawer frame so they are invisible, resulting in a sleek design, which also prevents contact with grime or grease which leads to better hygiene.

The drawer is 105% extendable which makes it easy to remove the trays from the frame.


The drawers have aluminum-look handles that can be easily cleaned and disinfected thanks to the rounded corners.

The handles are ergonomic and have a lacquered finish which is soft to the touch.

Synthetic worktop

The sleek synthetic worktop consists of one continuous surface with raised edges on 3 sides. There are no sharp edges, which makes the worktop easy to clean.

The worktop has a high scratch resistance, suitable for all common cleaning products and disinfectants and is UV- and heat-resistant. Everything wipes right off, even disinfectants that stain like ISO Betadine®.

A stainless steel worktop is also possible upon request.

Corner profiles

The extrusions are designed as such, that all Belintra accessories can be installed very easily, even by your own technical staff.


The castors meet the highest quality standards, and the design is the result of years of expertise. Studies have shown that the dual castors result in 50% less rolling resistance and improved maneuverability of the cart.

The Medicart has dual Tente® swivel castors, 1 with a brake (antistatic).

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