T-clear Medication bins

The transparent, injection moulded medication organizer trays are mainly used in the Medicart to dispense medication but can also be used in all our other modular products.

Product sheet

The trays are a modular, orderly and ergonomic solution to the general management of your medication distribution process.

They can be subdivided by means of dividers to cater for the various dispensing times per patient. The front of the tray comes with a space to insert a label into.

Product characteristics

Label holder at the front

The handle at the front comes with a space to accommodate a label holder. The holder clicks open easily so that the label can be swiftly inserted and replaced.

Easy to subdivide

The T-trays come with little slots the dividers fit into. These dividers slide smoothly in and out so that the trays can easily be subdivided.

As they are completely transparent, users can immediately check their contents.

Modular use

The dimensions of the trays are such that, depending on the type, a ISO plateau can accommodate 3, 4 or 6 T-trays.