Belintra Powered IT Carts – Standard and High-End

These COWs are a very flexible solution for meeting the most diverse mobile IT needs in your healthcare institution.

Product sheet

These simple, intuitive carts are very compact and agile. The trolley itself and the screen can easily be adjusted in height and guarantee an ergonomic workstation for the caregivers. 

They are very compact with a high ratio of work surface area to total dimensions.

Both models can be equipped with additional accessories. The High-End model can additionally be fitted with medication drawers and locking mechanisms.

Product characteristics

Ergonomic functionality

This simple, intuitive trolley is designed for sitting or standing use. For users of different heights, the height can be adjusted with one easy movement of the hand.
The trolley underwent movement tests with 10,000 cycles, which guarantees trouble-free height adjustment for at least five years.

Highly maneuverable and compact

You can effortlessly move the trolley to the point of use. Thanks to the ultra-smooth swivel wheels, it moves easily over different floor types.
The trolley has a small footprint and is perfect for rooms and corridors with limited space.

Accessible IT components

The modular structure of the hardware, with very easy access to the battery, COW controller and NUC, is convenient for the IT service during first line maintenance. This area can be locked with a key to ensure security.
This also makes future hardware implementations and upgrades very easy.

Plenty of worktop space and a perfect wrist position

Despite its compact footprint, the Powered IT Cart offers plenty of free worktop space.
The backward tilting and left/right 90° rotating keyboard work surface with integrated left/right sliding mouse work surface keeps the wrists in a neutral position. This prevents injuries and increases comfort.

COW controller

The built-in COW controller is an intelligent battery charger with integrated DCDC con-version or 220V inverter. Depending on the version it can supply 12-24V (LV-DC) or 100-240V (HV-AC) IT-equipment.
The COW controller also monitors the battery status and keeps a log of the charging / discharging. The COW controller connects to the PC via USB.

Intel® NUC i3 or i5 Mini PC

The proposed Intel® NUC Mini PCs have full desktop performance in a small and compact device. With the latest innovative technologies and the latest generation of Intel® Core™ i3 and Core™ i5 processors, the Intel® NUC offers stunning performance for the modern workplace.
Designed for optimum performance, Intel® NUC Mini PCs provide known reliability and a 3-year global Intel® warranty.

AG Neovo screens

Designed for 24/7 use and protected by NeoV™ Optical Glass, these durable metal housing screens benefit from superior components to ensure a long product life.
The specialized image settings from AG Neovo improve color, brightness and contrast ratios.

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