Laptop cart – Basic

Laptop carts let caregivers easily move their mobile devices to the point of need. 

Product sheet

Very compact, lightweight and agile, the Belintra laptop carts glide effortlessly across various flooring types and fit nicely into small work areas, like exam rooms and offices.

Note: these Basic trolleys cannot be fitted with accessories or medication drawers.

Product characteristics


The integrated lift technology, which allows a 38 cm of height adjustability, lets
users easily adjust their platform and device to the right ergonomic height, whether
they are sitting or standing.
The option to sit or stand throughout the day offers a much healthier way to work.

Designed for healthcare

Small, lightweight and extremely agile.
Sturdy, safe metal construction.
Powder-coat paint finish on smooth steel surfaces.
Super easy to keep clean.


The laptop cart is fitted with 4 double rubber swivel castors of 7,6 cm.
Two swivel castors can be locked if necessary.

Laptop fixation

A bracket holds the laptop in place.
The design allows easy tilting of the screen without any occlusion of keys or views.

Height regulation

The laptop trolley has an easily accessible high/low adjustment just below the work surface.
The integrated handle secures platform height to provide an ultra-stable work surface.

Scanner holder

Standard each laptop cart is equipped with a scanner holder.

More information

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