Height Adjustable Cot

Bring mother and baby closer with the Croyde Height Adjustable Cot, a hospital baby crib that improves neonatal patient safety.

  • Reduce the risk of infant falls
  • Improve caregiver ergonomics
  • Provide closer contact between mothers and babies


The NHS patient safety alert “The assessment and management of babies who are accidentally dropped in hospital” was released in May 2019 (NHS/PSA/RE/2019/002).

It assessed the NRLS for incident dates between 01/09/17 and 31/08/18 and identified a total of 250 reports of babies that were accidentally dropped.

182 reports were from obstetric/midwifery units, where most incidents “were the result of mothers accidentally dropping their baby or losing hold of their babies when drowsy or asleep”.


The Croyde Height Adjustable Cot is designed to improve neonatal patient safety.

It glides underneath the hospital bed, putting the baby directly in front of the mother. This gives her constant access and more opportunity for skin-to-skin contact. She can stay in bed, be close to her baby and safely place the baby in the cot when tired.

A clip-on basket, or optional foldable shelf, is available for storing baby-changing materials. The basket matches the same height as the cradle. We also offer the cot with an added storage cupboard.  Click here to view


The Croyde Height Adjustable Cot glides underneath the hospital bed.

It puts the baby directly in front of the mother, giving her constant access and the opportunity for more skin-to-skin contact.

The mother can stay in bed and be close to her baby.

When she feels tired, she can safely put the baby back into the cot.


You can raise and lower the cot in one simple, hands-free movement. The mother can place it at a suitable height to eliminate unnecessary bending. It’s especially beneficial for those who have recently had a cesarean section.

The attending midwife can also position the cot at their ideal height to reduce musculoskeletal strains.


Choose multiple colours to match the cot with the design of your maternity unit, at no additional charge. The clip-on basket is also colour coded to match the cot.

View the colour options:

Colour Chart


Watch a brief product demonstration:



The open and transparent design of the Croyde Height Adjustable Cot makes cleaning a simple task. The clear plastic crib and storage basket are both removable, and all parts of the frame are accessible for cleaning.

The cot is compatible with chlorine-based cleaning solutions and hospital wipes.


The cot is easy to move around due to its lightweight and balanced design. Its castors have individual brakes to ensure maximum stability when locked.