Living Ceilings

Croyde Living ceilings deliver an immersive, ultra HD experience by displaying engaging, stimulating scenes.

These moving displays are carefully chosen to offer a unique visual experience to help positively re-focus the mind.

Designed to promote a sense of calm and wellness, they bring a sense of relaxation to areas where stress levels may be high.


Each living ceiling is pre-programmed with 9 * scenes that are selected via the tablet control.

Clinicians then choose the scene that best suits the environment and the desired mood setting.

Take a look at the videos below to see some examples of the available interactive scenes.



Installation of the Croyde Living ceilings can be carried out by the hospital’s Estates team or Croyde Medical’s specialist installation team.

Installation time is usually approx 3 hours per ceiling and full installation instructions / over the phone support is provided for in-house installs.

Before placing an order, it will be necessary to check the void above the ceiling, to ensure that there is sufficient space to house the unit(s).

It is highly recommended that the Estates team are involved in the pre-purchase discussions to ensure full technical compliance and to confirm installation requirements