Modular cabinets – type B

Our modular cabinets, fitted with grid panels and stops and finished with height-adjustable feet and a toe kick board can be closed by means of a door or roller shutter.

As a safe storage system for medication, sterile and non-sterile items, these modular cabinets will give nursing staff, doctors and logistical staff a clear overview of their contents.

Product sheet

Product characteristics

Modular grid panels

The cabinets can also be fitted with modular grid panels. These are available in a straight and ergonomic design.

The ergonomic grid panels allow you to tilt the trays at the top so that users find it easier to reach their contents.


The cabinets can be fitted with either left or a right-hand hung doors. The doors come with a handle and key lock.

Roller shutter

If you wish, you can also opt for roller shutters instead of doors. Roller shutters are ergonomic to use and easy to open and close. Roller shutters are supplied with a key lock as standard.