The injection molded Polypropylene (PP) Medibox is a closed modular transport container for medication and other goods. The box is provided with a hinged lid with teeth and can be closed with a break seal.
The Medibox is made of a durable, impact-resistant and chemically resistant material. Thanks to its design and smooth surface, the box is easy and thorough to clean.

The Medibox is a safe transport box that can be sealed with a break seal against unauthorized opening.

Product sheet

Product characteristics


The Medibox is built according to the ISO standard and fits in most ISO transport carts of which the guides have an L-profile.

Closed box

The Medibox has two hinged covers that connect optimally with the tongue-and-groove system. This is to ensure that the contents are hermetically sealed as much as possible.

Break seals

Break seals are provided that fit on both sides of the lid, this allows for the Medibox to be secured against opening by unauthorized persons.