MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 Drops


For Very severe incontinence

For the management of very severe incontinence, our Premium Mobile 8 Drops Pants look and feel like ordinary underwear, with the quality protection you can expect from HARTMANN Direct.

  • Discreet design adapts to the shape of your body for a comfortable and secure fit
  • PH-balanced fabric for effective skin protection
  • Three-layer absorbent core locks away moisture for unbeatable dryness
  • Anti-leakage system includes two-part cuffs for added security and protection
  • Odour neutralisers for long-lasting freshness and confidence


Absorbency Level Pack Size Size Waist / Hip Measurement

(Inches) (cm)
Incontinence Level
Super 14 Small
24-35 60-90
Very Severe
Super 14 Medium
31-47 80-120
Very Severe
Super 14 Large
39-59 100-150
Very Severe
Super 14 Extra Large
51-67 130-170
Very Severe

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