MoliCare Premium Lady Pads


For Slight to Moderate incontinence

Our skin-friendly Premium Lady Pad ensures you stay dry and protected no matter how busy your life gets.

  • Designed for light to moderate incontinence
  • Discreet and comfortable, with odour neutralisers
  • Soft topsheet treated with soothing Aloe Vera
  • Fast-absorbing core, with anti-leak and quick-dry system
  • PH-balanced and dermatologically tested.

Anatomically Shaped Ladies Incontinence Pads

For active women who have slight to moderate bladder weakness, the secure and discreet design of our MoliCare® Premium Lady Pad ensures that nothing can stand in their way. Slim and anatomically shaped, the Premium Lady Pad can be worn with your everyday underwear for an almost invisible fit. While the superior absorption of the pad gives you all the reassurance you need to get on with your busy life, confident you will stay fresh and dry.

Breathable and skin-friendly, you get exceptional comfort levels with the dermatologically tested MoliCare® Premium Lady Pad. The pH buffering effect maintains a skin-neutral pH-balance of 5.5 and the top layer is treated with Aloe Vera to work with your skin for a comfortable feel. The three-layer pad quickly absorbs moisture and the odour neutraliser keeps you fresh, while its anti-leak system and wide adhesive fixing strip ensure you can confidently get on with your busy day.


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