Multitac Birthing System

Support partner engagement and active birth with the Multitrac Birth System.

The Multitrac Birth System promotes close and active birth between mother and partner. It is:

  • Fitted with a comfortable padded seat and backrest
  • Available in colours mais (yellow), apricot or blue
  • Easily compatible with plug-in birth aids

The big brother of the Duoetto birthing system, it comes with an additional integrated rope sling – useful for birthing rooms without permanent, ceiling-mounted rope slings.


Watch a brief product demonstration:



Multitrac encourages a close and active birth. As the woman uses a plug-in birth aid, her partner can sit on the chair behind, be at the same height and give a shoulder or lower back massage.

The woman can also turn around and kneel on the mat whilst leaning onto a birth aid or her partner’s lap.


Multitrac is extremely flexible and modular in its design. The base plate is compatible with the Pelviball and the Dullstein birth stools.

Both can easily plug into the system or be used on their own.


Optional inlay mats and floor mats further promote active birth. These deliver a more comfortable surface when kneeling around the seat, Pelviball or Dullstein birth stool.

The mats are:

  • Waterproof
  • Fitted with welded seams
  • Easy to wipe down in between uses


The Multitrac Birth System is sturdy, supportive and highly stable during usage.

One person can simply move the system by tipping it back 45 degrees. Integrated castors on the rear wheels make it easy to move around and clean.