Stockart SMARTMaestro

Backbone Integrator Module

SMARTMaestro® is group of applications ensuring STOCKART® products to run with other actively used information systems (HIS, ERP, PIS, etc.) of the institution, as a single system.

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System Features

It transfers information between all systems from source to target system where information is required and manages the communication traffic in real-time.

SMARTMaestro® can perform all necessary of configurations required on the transacted information packages by means of its interface.

Relevant users and administrators are notified of all predefined circumstances (out of stock, required amount cannot be met, etc.) with the means of SMARTMaestro® alarms.

The traffic of information packages between integrated systems can be monitored historically in language understood by non-technical personnel through the user-friendly interface of SMARTMaestro®.