Stockart NurseConnect

Remote Medication and Supply Reservation with Web Based Central Application

NurseConnect Brochure

NurseConnect® reduces the nursing management workload within the hospital, improves patient care quality and improves patient safety by helping to reduce medication errors.

Reduces time-consuming waiting and interruptions of the nursing workflow. With NurseConnect®, which maximizes patient care, nurses can reserve medications and medical supplies for their patients remotely for a station that it determines. Nurses can access the record of his/her patient with the web application and therefore shorten the time spent at the station. Multiple patient preparations are also possible. Another time-saving feature of the system is, that nurses can plan for both medication and medical supply needs simultaneously.

The system instantly adapts to changes or cancellations in medication orders during the day. Therefore, the real time and updated treatment plan is displayed on the nurse screen. Medications required for each individual treatment are planned and organized in-line with dosage times. Time spent at the station is reduced to a minimum. Herewith queues at stations are eliminated and medication administration time optimized.

NurseConnect®’s Advantages

NurseConnect® improves nursing and pharmacy communication. Via the web application system the pharmacist is able to post warning notes that need to be taken into consideration during the application of medications and places necessary safety questions. In this way, the nurse is able to take into account the warning notes made by the pharmacist. In a busy institution WITHOUT NurseConnect®, the nurse may have to spend long periods of time in front of the station to read warnings and answer security questions resulting in long waiting lines for all. With this process all can also be done via any computer connected to the network with NurseConnect®, so the nurse needs only to go to the station to pick up the medication and medical supplies that they have reserved via the NurseConnect® web application. As a result, NurseConnect®‘s contribution to time saving within this process stands out again.

NurseConnect® automatically sends a proactive warning to the pharmacy for low inventory stock that may occur due to current medication and supply reservations made by individual nurses. Thus, it becomes easier for pharmacists to make medication loading plans and pharmacy technicians to make medications loading plans.

Another reason to choose STOCKART® for your institution; avoid station queues and increase clinical time for nurses!  Choose NurseConnect®!

System Features

  • Real Time Integration with STOCKART® stations
  • Access to Treatment Plans from any computer connected to the hospital network
  • Current Inventory Tracking of the medications ordered for treatment at the relevant station
  • Override Medication Function
  • Planning, Sorting, and Reserving for ordered medications
  • Remote Waste Documentation possibility
  • Waste and Witness function
  • Possibility to Prepare Answers to Clinical Data Messenger Questions
  • Possibility to Remotely Update Lists of nurses’ own patients
  • Proactive Pharmacy Alert for insufficient stock due to reservation