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MIP recognizes that manual repositioning exposes caregivers to increased risk of neck, shoulder, and back injuries. That’s why we have developed the Swift® UltraSlide System, a cost-effective, low-friction repositioning system intended to allow caregivers to safely and easily perform manual handling tasks with little physical strain. Implementing the standard use of this system will create a safer healthcare environment for caregivers, ensure the comfort and security of patients/residents, and assist in supporting your facility’s no-lift policies.

– Designed and developed by MIP in partnership with a practicing Physiotherapist

– It’s Ultra Thin breathable fabrics make the device suitable to remain under the patient at all times, without any negative impact on the performance of specialty mattresses

– Swift provides not only an appropriate tool for caregivers to safely reposition, boost or turn a patient but also provides comfort and dignity to the patient

The Swift® Slider is a friction reducing device that remains in-situ to assist with patient/resident repositioning, boosting and turning in bed. Made with a breathable, low-friction backing it allows staff to reposition patients/residents safely and easily whilst avoiding heat build up under the patient/resident. The Swift® Slider’s thin profile will not impair the performance of pressure redistribution mattresses and can therefore remain on the bed when not in use (tucked in), making it readily available when needed.

– Standard Swift Slider – designed for both standard and bariatric use. The central panel should support patient/resident from neck to just below the buttocks

– Full Length Swift Slider – designed for both standard and bariatric use. The Full Length Swift Slider supports the full length of a patient/ resident. When the slider is tucked in (not in use) the Slider has the visual appeal of standard bedding.


The Swift UltraSlide System uses the UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet in conjunction with the Swift® Sliders for use with more dependent patients/residents who have little or no moblity and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning.

For all repositioning and manual handling solutions it is recommended to seek advice / approval from a manual handling expert.

NOTE: Inspect before use for signs of wear-and-tear and replaced as necessary. Fabric, thread and stitch degradation will take place over time (as normal wear and tear) that will reduce the slide capacity.


DESCRIPTION Swift® Slider Swift Slider Long Length
BACKING COLOUR Yellow Taffeta Blue
SIZE 127 x 183cm – Suitable for standard and bariatric application L200 x W183cm – Suitable for standard and bariatric application

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