Winncare Argyll™ II

The Argyll™ II  is a high end, specialised dynamic mattress replacement system with digital pump, alternatively it is available as a 1 in 2 cell cycle combined with CLP (Constant Low Pressure), targeted towards the assistive treatment for patients who have existing and potentially severe pressure damage.

Winncare Argyll II

Product features of Argyll™ II

  • Multi-stretch, vapour permeable, antimicrobial, cover material – Aids infection control
  • Fully High Frequency welded product – Prevents fluid ingress
  • Large / Deeper Cell design – Aids patient comfort, whilst providing excellent pressure relief
  • CLP (Constant Low Pressure)
  • Figure of 8 Air Cells – Ensures the mattress doesn’t bottom out if there is a power failure
  • Maintains stability across all of the surface area for patients who cannot tolerate the movement of air cells.
  • CPR Function – Aids rapid deflation or medical attention
  • Transport Mode – 48 hour transport function. Enables ward / patient procedures.
  • UK Manufactured product – Provides total confidence to user via exceptional quality and workmanship
  • Clinically proven – Giving peace of mind to nursing staff and patients alike
  • Static Mode – Aids patient transfers and reverts back after 30 minutes

The Argyll™ II is a high-end, specialised dynamic dual mode mattress replacement system with a digital pump and the additional feature of CLP (Constant Low Pressure), targeted towards assistive treatment for patients who have existing and potentially severe pressure damage. This system is designed for those patients considered to be at very high risk of pressure injury development.

This product was initially designed with ease of use for those patients, who are considered to be very high risk, namely in an acute setting. However the product is well adapted for use in long term care, whether that be hospital or homecare setting. The 8 inch (200mm) high cells, cyclically inflate and deflate in an alternating pattern, thus providing direct pressure relief throughout the dynamic process, additionally, the mattress incorporates CLP (Constant Low Pressure) as an alternative therapeutic support surface which maintains stability across the surface area at all times. The multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover comprises of a high-level coating of polyurethane, which makes it easy to clean, whilst complying with strict infection control procedures.

Technical information for Argyll™ II

Risk Category Very High Risk
Fatigue Class Very Severe
Maximum Patient Weight 35 stone or 222kg
Alternation Cycle 1 in 2
Alternation Time 11.5 minutes (1 in 2)
Mattress Dimensions 200cm x 88cm x 20cm (suitable for most hospital/homecare beds)
Mattress Weight Less than 7kgs
Mattress Cover Coating 200-230g
Warranty 2 years – extended warranty available