Belintra Medicart Roller Shutter

The Medicart medication trolley with roller shutter is, just like the Medicart with drawers, a multifunctional, modular cart, which distinguishes itself in terms of choice of materials, ergonomics, hygiene, durability and its unique design. 

Product sheet

The cart can be fitted with numerous internal components: from modules to baskets, in grid panels or on telescopic runners. They have been designed with your specific needs in mind. 

Whether used for medical care or to transport and/or distribute medication, the Medicart is the most ergonomic, hygienic and patient-safe application. 

As an alternative to the standard grey version, you can also opt for a body in a wood-look finish. 

The cart’s contents and accessories can be fully tailored to your individual needs and you also have the option of combining baskets and medication trays. 

Product characteristics

Plastic roller shutter

The cart is fitted with a push button to ensure that it opens up easily and ergonomically. As the roller shutter retracts into a sealed unit in one go, dirt can never play havoc with the system.

Thanks to the design of the cart, both the inside and the outside of the roller shutter are easy to clean.


The plastic roller shutter is fitted with an aluminium grip that runs across its entire width. This grip ensures that the roller shutter can be opened and closed again safely and ergonomically.


The shutter comes with an electronic number lock which blocks the push button when closed and can be opened by means of a programmable 4-digit code. Both the push button and the electronic number lock are located directly underneath the worktop. One set of batteries will allow you to operate the electronic number lock 30,000 times. If the batteries are dead, the cart can always be opened with an emergency key.

Alternatively, a badge lock is also possible.

Synthetic worktop

The sleek synthetic worktop consists of one continuous surface with raised edges on 3 sides. There are no sharp edges, which makes the worktop easy to clean.

The worktop has a high scratch resistance, suitable for all common cleaning products and disinfectants and is UV- and heat-resistant. Everything wipes right off, even disinfectants that stain like ISO Betadine®.

A stainless steel worktop is also possible upon request.

Corner profiles

The extrusions are designed as such, that all Belintra accessories can be installed very easily, even by your own technical staff.


The castors meet the highest quality standards, and the design is the result of years of expertise. Studies have shown that the dual castors result in 50% less rolling resistance and improved maneuverability of the cart.

The Medicart has dual Tente® swivel castors, 1 with a brake (antistatic).

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