Medina medication bins

These compartmented medication bins are specifically used for medication distribution in Medicart Roller Shutters. They are subdivided for the various administration moments.

Thanks to the sliding and transparent lid, the medication remains in the correct compartment during transport. This avoids mistakes.

Product sheet

Product characteristics


On the front of the handle there is space to place a label.

The various dividers indicate the application time.

Easy to subdivide

The trays are equipped with a sliding system in which the dividers fit.

The dividers are continuously adjustable so that the trays can be optimally subdivided per application time.

Modular use

The tray has a size of 600 x 400 mm so that it not only fits in the Medicart Roller Shutter, but also in other ISO modular cabinets or racks. It is possible to place 8 trays per tray.