Belintra Roll-IT

Our health care system is beginning to make increasingly more use of electronic medical records. The Roll-IT is a mobile workstation that gives staff access to patients’ electronic medical records.

Product sheet

As it forms a link between patients and their medical records, the workstation guarantees a continuous and mobile link with the clinical data: all the information can be consulted and updated at the patient’s bedside and throughout the entire hospital.

The Roll-IT can be used in combination with the Medicart in the ward for drug administration control and check off. The physician can use the Roll-IT separately during the visit rounds.

Product characteristics

Belintra Power Pack – COW controller

The built in COW controller is an intelligent battery charger with integrated dual DCDC conversion and a USB connection to the built-in PC. The COW contoller also monitors the battery status and keeps a logfile of charging/discharging.

Belintra Power Pack – Battery: great autonomy

The Power Pack also includes a Belintra VRLA battery with a capacity of 12 V – 480 Wh. Depending on the hardware chosen the battery can have an autonomy of up to 12 hours nominal.

It is highly recommended to not completely let the battery discharge. To this end a visual monitoring is possible, both on the Roll-IT itself with a LED indicator as on the PC display with the Battery Monitor Software.


Thanks to the height-adjustable PC display arm, the screen’s position can be tailored to the each user’s preference.

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