Croyde Baby Assessment Table

The Croyde Baby Assessment Table helps midwives to carry out newborn assessment checks without the strain of being hunched over.

The table features:

  • A large working surface with integrated mattress in a choice of colours
  • A storage drawer which is more than adequate to hold items required for NIPE tasks
  • Easily accessible storage on top of the drawer with lipped edges for secure placement
  • A mobile wheel base design with castors and brakes to ensure stability

It enables unrestricted access to all sides and allows midwives to carry out baby assessments with enhanced safety and comfort



The mattress area is large enough to accommodate the baby and other items that are required during assessment, such as inco pads, towels, gloves or notes.

Some midwives even like to take their laptop with them so they can check check medical history first and then immediately enter details of the examination.



The table height is ideal for access and the position of the base enables the midwife to get close to the baby without bending over.

It is exceptionally easy to move between bed spaces.

Both Doctors and Midwives appreciate the space and ergonomic design to help protect them from physical stress and strain.