M-300 Baby Weigh Scale

The M-300 is a Class III MDD Approved portable baby scale, designed for accuracy, reliability and comfort. It is easy to use and accurate to 2g up to 6kg and 5g thereafter.  It has a maximum capacity of 15kg.

This scale has Hold and Tare functions meaning you can subtract the weight of a blanket from the overall weight for super accurate weighing and it has a large clear display for ease of use.

Adjustable levelling feet also ensure that it can be positioned safely on any surface.

Weighing just 3kg it is an ultra-lightweight and portable baby scale that is ideal for use in Birth Centres, Delivery Suites & Postnatal wards, aswell as the community.  An optional carry case is also available if required.

The M-300 provides an outstanding  600 hours of weighing from two AA batteries with an optional adaptor also available.  It is covered by a comprehensive 4 year warranty.

Overall Dimensions:
585mm x 370mm x 120mm



The M-300 can be fitted to the transport trolley to keep the scales safe and easy to move between rooms. The trolley comes with 2 brake wheels as standard for safety.

Just order the scale with the trolley and we will mount them for you.