Croyde Baby Change Station

The Croyde Baby Change Station has clinical application with a homely appearance. It’s ideal for Birth Centres and Midwife-Led Units.

The changing unit features:

  • Smooth tabletop surface with a curved upstand
  • Deep, lockable drawers for safe storage
  • Soft oak finish
  • Integrated 75mm castors with brakes for cleaning underneath

It’s easy for mothers and midwives to move around. They have unrestricted access to all four sides, and can carry out baby assessments and checks even in tight spaces.


The unit’s deep and sturdy drawers provide safe storage. It features:

  • Locks for extra security
  • Soft-close design to avoid disturbing the baby
  • High-impact trims to resist damage
  • Interlocking anti-tilt mechanism, so only one drawer can open at a time

The drawers provide enough space for you to store essential items. For example, you can store basic neonatal resus equipment to replicate the homebirth setup.

They ensure that standardised equipment is accessible, but not visible. This is well-received during diligence reviews.




The Croyde Baby Change Station has an oak finish of ST9 H1334. Feel free to choose an alternative finish to match the design of your birth centre.

Max Width: 93cm
Max Depth: 52cm
Total Height: 91cm

The unit is designed for repeated use in hospitals. You can clean with approved wipes and disinfectant solutions for infection control.

The Croyde Baby Change Station is manufactured in the UK. We deliver it to you fully assembled and ready for your use. No on-site assembly is necessary.

ST9 H3860

ST9 H3840

ST9 H3734

ST9 H3368

ST9 H1733

ST9 H1334

ST9 H1277