Croyde Diasys Examination Light

High-quality light for examination and suturing.


The Croyde Examination Light is a high-quality light delivering excellent illumination during complex suturing and examination.

The Motion-Matic sensor allows the adjustable LED light intensity to be changed with a hands-free gesture and automatically turns off after 30 mins of inactivity to save energy.

With a stable base and sturdy spring arm, the light head stays perfectly in position when set.

The upright has an integrated push handle and large castors ensure movement between rooms is both easy and balanced.


The light head includes 4 * LED lamps delivering excellent illumination of up to 65,000 LUX with a colour rendering index of 96.

This enhanced level of light quality is capable of supporting more complex suturing tasks to avoid the need for patient transfers, specifically to Labour Ward or Theatre.

The Diasys light quality is fantastic and its robust spring arm design means that it retains the light head position without fear of drifting.


The innovative sensor technology within the light head allows the brightness to be adjusted by simply waving your hand past the sensor.

The intelligent sensor automatically switches the light on when it is pulled into position and turns it off again when it is turned upwards. There is no on/off switch.

The sensor also recognizes periods of inactivity and automatically turns the light off after 30 mins.  This saves energy and improves the life span.


With easy-roll castors and a lightweight base, the Croyde Examination Light is extremely easy to move between rooms.

It is well balanced due to the base design and also has an integrated handle to make pushing more ergonomically friendly.

The handle also conveniently allows the mains lead to be wrapped around it for safe storage during transit.


The light head is smooth, rounded and easy to clean with a solid back.

There are minimal joins in the casing and no on/off switch or button.

The whole light is compatible to be cleaned with hospital wipes and chlorine-based solutions.