Croyde Recliner Chair

Provide relaxation with the Croyde Recliner Chair, a reclining seat for hospital visitors.


The Croyde Recliner Chair is a bedside chair that reclines to a semi-flat lying surface. It’s ideal for partners or family members to rest next to patients whilst visiting them in hospital.

The Croyde Recliner:

Delivers fantastic comfort and support

Reclines with a single, smooth action

Can be wiped down in between uses

Is a similar width to a regular bedside chair, so no additional bed space area is needed

Is highly durable and designed for use in high traffic environments


Watch a brief product demonstration.



The fabric of the Croyde Recliner Chair can be wiped down in between uses. It’s compatible with hospital wipes and chlorine-based cleaning solutions.

Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your room design. View the different options and let us know your chosen colour code when ordering:

Colour Chart


Our hospital recliners are lightweight with larger castors than other chairs, making them easy to move around for cleaning and reorganising.

The brake option ensures they can be safely locked when stationary.