Intrabox roll container

This roll container can be used for the transport of waste, linen, bins and all kinds of other goods.

Product sheet

The two tilting shelves can be used as a shelf or to close the container at the front. In this way, large bags can also be easily transported.
The cart has a robust bottom.

The use of a drawbar makes it possible to couple several roll containers and easily transport them in one train.

Product characteristics

Tilting shelves

The Intrabox has tilting shelves. As a result, the container can be used for transporting goods on the shelves or the shelves can be tilted and the container closed for, for example, transport of linen or waste bags.


A drawbar can be provided at the bottom of the Intrabox, this makes it possible to hook different roll containers together and transport them in a train.
This allows time to be saved in the transport of different roll containers.

Identification plate

An identification plate on the side of the Intrabox can be provided to identify the roll container. This makes it possible to easily trace the different roll containers.