UBeFlex® storage system

The UBeFlex® modular storage system was developed with very quick assembly, functionality, durability and stability in mind. The result is a unique storage system made from anodized aluminum and other high-quality, anti-static synthetic materials, which means it can be used in both sterile storage and non-sterile environments.

Product sheet

Thanks to the modular construction, in D-type or W-type columns, which may or may not be combined with shelves, it can be used in various departments of the healthcare institution, from CSA through pharmacy to kitchen and cold storage. Because of the unique design, it is an ergonomic and hygienic storage solution and can also be used as a “pass-through” rack.

Product characteristics

Easy mounting and cleaning

The columns, connection and connection sets, guides and shelves can be assembled quickly and easily without extra tools.

The UBeFlex® storage system can easily be cleaned and disinfected.

Very modular with columns and shelving

UBeFlex® gives extensive possibilities for modular set-ups. With columns “Deep” or “Wide” 60 x 40 cm or DIN 60 x 30 cm in combination with shelves varying between 30 and 180 cm (30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 cm) you can make optimum use of the available space.

For the shelving in D-type you can choose between full shelves in synthetic materials or open shelves in chromed steel. The open shelves can be fitted with dividers.

Extremely strong

The UBeFlex® has a load-bearing capacity of max. 600 kg per column. In column set-up max. 25 kg per pair of guides and in shelf set-up max. 150 kg per shelf level, evenly distributed.

Pass-through set-up

Because of the unique design, in which no reinforcement is required on the back, the UBeFlex® can also be used in a “pass-through” set-up and is thus accessible from both sides.

In case you want a back protection on the shelving, you can use additional shelving profiles to use as a closing profile to avoid packages sliding through.

Stationary and movable versions

The UBeFlex® columns are available in a stationary version with 26 usable runner positions per column and a movable version with 24 usable runner positions per column. Unused positions can be covered with plastic caps.

The stationary version has height-adjustable feet to compensate for imperfections of the floor. The movable version is fitted with small wheels (Ø 50 mm), so that it can be moved for floor cleaning.

Optimum labeling

The shelves can be fitted with newly designed “click” label holders. These simply click onto any position on the front of the shelf and can be fitted with an insert. Because these label holders do not protrude above the edge of the shelf, you can take larger packets or containers from the shelves without a hitch.

There are specific label holders for the columns that can also simply be clicked onto the profiles.


As an option you can fit the UBeFlex® with coloured PVC strips (packs of 10) to replace the standard grey profiles to personalize your storage per department or, for example, to use colour coding for location allocation per discipline in the storage within your CSSD.

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