Thermo-insulation set for Medibox

The thermo-insulation set is the ideal solution for the safe and reliable transport of temperaturesensitive products such as medication and vaccines.

Product sheet

The insulation set maintains a temperature between 2 and 8 ° C for at least 12 hours and reduces the risk of damage or waste.
3 cold packs ensure easy handling and the coating prevents the products from freezing.
The thermo-insulation sets are perfectly suited for the Medibox MBD43271 (300 x 400 x 290 mm) and MBD64271 (600 x 400 x 290 mm).
You can purchase them separately to supplement the Mediboxes you already have in use or as a whole including the insulation set and the Medibox.

The easy-to-handle thermo-insulation set ensures safe and reliable transport of products that are temperature sensitive.

Product characteristics

Keep cold

3 Icecatch® Solid Insulated cold packs guarantee easy handling. The insulating coating ensures that the products do not freeze.

Easy to clean

The inlay is made of PS for easy cleaning. It can also be cleaned in washing machines up to 60°C.


The Neopor® filling has a high insulation capacity.