Medicart – Options for locking

 In the context of medication security, the ability to lock medication carts is becoming increasingly important, as well as controlled access to medication.

Product sheet

Access to the EPR (Electronic Patient Record) is also becoming increasingly important. 

Belintra offers various solutions: 

  • Integrated IT = MEDICART with USB CONTROLLED ACCESS (1 zone or 2 zones). 
  • No integrated IT = MEDICART with keypad, electronic or mechanical Salto lock, electronic number lock or badge lock 

With every type of lock, an emergency opening is possible at all times. 

Product characteristics

USB controlled lock

The command for opening and closing is given via a USB connection with the built-in PC. With this type of lock 1 or 2 lock plates can be controlled for 1-zone or 2-zone closure. The identification of the users goes through the installed operating system (badge, password, PIN, fingerprint …).

The components to equip the Medicart with IT are the Belintra Powered Back Pack incl. Battery with recommended IT components (Intel® NUC i5 or i3 Mini PC – Neovo X22 Screen or TX22 Touch Screen). For more details, see Belintra IT.


This lock is suitable for Medicart Drawers and Small Medicart Drawers. The keypad is ergonomically integrated into the raised edge of the plastic worktop.

The drawers are opened by entering a 4-digit code. The drawers can close automatically after a set time or manually by re-entering the code.

There is a battery indicator that shows when the battery needs replacing. If the battery has run out completely the drawers can still be opened, but not closed.

Integrated electronic Salto lock

This type of Salto lock is integrated in the Medicart worktop and works automatically. This means that when the badge is presented, the cart opens during a programmable time.

There is battery monitoring where an indication is given when the battery is low. In addition, there is also an LED indication green / red to indicate whether the drawers are open / closed.

The rechargeable battery is included, an external charger and cord are optional.

This lock only applies to Medicart Drawers Standard and Medicart Drawers Small.

ID Technologies
• MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic – ISO / IEC 14443)
• Bluetooth SMART (BLE)
• HID iClass®

Salto lock with turning knob

This Salto lock type uses the Salto XS4 GEO cylinder to open and close the car. After presenting the badge, you must turn the knob of the XS4 GEO cylinder to mechanically open or close the lock.

This lock can be used on both the Medicart Drawers Standard and Medicart Drawers Small, as well as the Medicart Roller Shutter. With the Medicart Drawers, this lock takes 1P of the configuration.

ID Technologies
• MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic – ISO / IEC 14443)
• LEGIC Prime and LEGIC Advant
• i-Button

Badge lock

The badge lock can be used on Medicart Drawers and Medicart Roller Shutter. The lock can be programmed with the corresponding key set. Different operating modes are possible.

Compatible with all RFID ISO 14443A technologies (e.g. MIFARE®) and NFC. Up to 20.000 openings per battery are possible. LEDs indicate the programming status, actions and battery status.

Placing a badge lock on a Medicart Drawers Standard or Small takes 1 position (1P) of the configuration.

Electronic number lock

This lock can only be used on the Medicart Roller Shutter. The button on the electronic combination lock is positioned just below the worktop.

It can be opened by entering a 4-digit code. The electronic combination lock can be used up to 80,000 times on one set of batteries. The battery status can be requested using the black button in the lock. If the batteries have run out the cart can be opened using an emergency key.

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