Belintra Medicart Small IT

The possibility of locking medication carts and monitoring the administration of medication is becoming increasingly important.

Access to the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) on the ward is gaining in importance.

Product sheet

Thanks to the compact design, the Medicart IT Small is very well suited for use in the room and the perfect solution if your institution implements bedside scanning.

This medication cart can be fitted with modules 300 x 400 mm.

To equip your medication cart with IT you need the following components.

  • Belintra Powered Back incl. battery
  • Recommended IT components Hardware:
    • Intel® NUC i3 or i5 Mini PC
    • Neovo X22 Screen or Neovo TX22 Touch Screen

Product characteristics

Belintra Powered Back Pack

The Back Pack is an external housing to build in hardware and to properly connect the screen, keyboard, badge reader, scanner etc. It includes the WIFI antenna and a COW Controller as well.

The COW controller is an intelligent battery charger with integrated double DCDC conversion and a USB connection to the PC. It also monitors the battery status and maintains a log file of the charging / discharging.

For the battery you can choose between a VRLA battery or a LiFePO4 battery. The charging status of the battery can be visually checked by means of the LED on the Powered Back Pack and via the PC screen thanks to the “Battery Monitor Software”.

You can also equip the Medicart with a non-Powered Back Pack for the assembly of all-in-ones.

Intel® NUC i3 or i5 Mini PC

The proposed Intel® NUC Mini PCs have full desktop performance in a small and compact device. With the latest innovative technologies and the latest generation of Intel® Core™ i3 and Core™ i5 processors, the Intel® NUC offers stunning performance for the modern workplace.

Designed for optimum performance, Intel® NUC Mini PCs provide known reliability and a 3-year global Intel® warranty.

Neovo screens

Designed for 24/7 use and protected by NeoV™ Optical Glass, these durable metal housing screens benefit from superior components to ensure a long product life.

The specialized image settings from AG Neovo improve color, brightness and contrast ratios.


Choose from VRLA GEL battery (standard) or LiFePO4 battery (non-standard).

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