MoliCare Premium Elastic 6 Drops

The MoliCare® Premium Elastic 6 Drops provides exceptional absorption for more severe levels of incontinence and bladder weakness.


  • Better fit to body shape and movement due to the elasticated side panels with two resealable tapes for an accurate fit
  • Soft, breathable materials that maintain the skin’s natural pH-balance
  • Three-layered core for fast absorption and drying; wetness indicator
  • Anti-leak system with inner cuffs for extra security and protection
  • Odour neutralisers to keep you confidently fresh.

Superior comfort and protection

Rated at six drops on absorbency scale, the Premium Elastic unisex slip provide superior comfort and protection for severe incontinence and bladder weakness. Made from soft, lightweight material, the Premium Elastic 6 Drops sit discreetly under your clothes, locking away moisture while letting your skin breathe. With two resealable tapes and elastic side panels, our high-quality disposable slip is quick to put on, providing more ergonomic handling for carers as well as users. They can also be adjusted for a custom fit that moves with your body for exceptional comfort and support.

PH-balanced and dermatologically tested, the Premium Elastic 6 Drops are gentle on your skin while providing you with the exceptional levels of dryness and protection you can expect from MoliCare® products. With a three-layer absorbent core, anti-leak inner cuffs, wetness indicator and added odour neutralisers, the 6 Drops elastic pants will keep you cool, fresh and dry – and confident to go about your everyday life.


Product data

Pack Size Size Waist / Hip Measurement

(Inches) (cm)
Incontinence Level
30 Medium
34-48 85-120
30 Large
46-57 115-145
30 Small
28-36 70-90
14 Extra Large
56-69 140-175



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30×3, 14×4