MoliCare Premium Elastic 9 Drops

The MoliCare® Premium Elastic 9 Drops has been specifically designed for people with extremely severe incontinence and bladder weakness.


  • Superior levels of absorbency, thanks to the three-layered core that draws and locks moisture away
  • Excellent comfort and fit – with adjustable elastic side panels and resealable tapes
  • Designed to maintain the pH-balance and breathable material that’s gentle on delicate skin
  • Inner leak-proof cuffs and wetness indicator for extra reassurance
  • Added odour neutralisers to keep you fresh and confident

Exceptional levels of absorbency

For when you need extra security and peace of mind managing extremely severe bladder weakness day to day, the Premium Elastic 9 Drops is the ideal choice. Made from soft, breathable material that is PH balanced and gentle on delicate skin, 9 Drops has been specifically created to have the high absorbency levels you need, with the comfort you deserve. Moisture is wicked away from your body and locked inside the super absorbent three-layered core, while the leak-proof inner cuffs give you the extra protection you need.

Easy to handle, this slip can be quickly put on and removed, thanks to the elasticated side panels and two resealable side tabs. Shaped to work with the contours of your body as you move, the Elastic 9 Drops is also extremely comfortable and with a wetness indicator as well as added odour neutralisers, will keep you dry, fresh and comfortable when you need it the most.


Product data

Pack Size Size Waist / Hip Measurement

(Inches) (cm)
Incontinence Level
26 Small
28-36 70-90
Very Severe
26 Medium
34-48 85-120
Very Severe
24 Large
46-57 115-145
Very Severe


Additional information


S, M, L


26×3, 24×3